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Monday, January 11, 2010

I love the Cinema Italiano

I've been very busy and stressed recently so apologies for the delayed post. I'm back at university now and looking forward to the term ahead!

I went to see Nine last night at the cinema; I loved it. I have always been a fan of musicals in the theatre and in film; I love the dancing (which I miss doing greatly), the music, the costumes and well it just manages to encompass everything I love and tie it up in a sparkly bow! So for me, Nine was amazing and lived up to my expectations; it had just the right about of 'Artyness' about it as well as having all the great classic musical traits. I studied theatre studies at A-Level and whilst watching the film I could just picture it on stage in Broadway!

The film is set in the 60's which is an era I have always loved and taken inspiration from and this film did not let down in costume and make up (done by Peter King who did Lord of the Rings). Kate Hudson looked AMAZING as did Penelope Cruz. There are not many photo's out yet of it but here are a few I found.

This is Kate Hudson during her number and it was sooo good; I cannot wait to buy the soundtrack and bust some serious moves with my hairbrush in my bedroom! Her make up through out the movie was dark smokey eyes and pale nude lips along with the volumous hair: Very Brigitte Bardot! I have seen quite a few sunglasses shaped similarly to these, very cat like; I think Rayban have a pair.

Marion Cotillard is stunning but very simplistic. They must have got their inspiration for her look from Audrey Hepburn! This look is so classic yet she looks beautiful throughout the entire film.

Penolope Cruz plays a mistress and she is amazing and very funny! She had many extravagent outfits; this one reminds me slighly of a less elegant version of Jackie Kennedy/Onasssis. Penelope Cruz has a scene at the beginning and its very raunchy (I think even the women in the cinema developed a crush on her)! She wears some beautiful sexy lengerie as you can see below.

Nicole Kidman looked stunning as always with her gorgeous figure flattered by tight a beautiful tight fitting peal coloured dress. I can't find any pictures that do he justice; but she too had a Brigitte Bardot inspired look and the dress was strapless and fitted to her body like a glove, going in at the waist, the back was lower and below her waist the material had been brought together and then went into a small train.

All in all there was music, dancing, stars, make up, hair, jewellery, clothes, sparkles, spangles, sexy neglige, Italian-ness... You must see it!

p.s. there will be some outfit posts coming up soon; i just have to find my camera!

Bea x