"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" - Coco Chanel

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm inspired by people, art, television, music etc everyday; but some how it always manages to link itself to fashion. There have been some that have stuck with me for years e.g. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and others that I discover each day, recently, Christine Centenera and Olivia Palermo. Daily, I'm inspired by everyone on my course, the people on the street and by the blogs I read daily. Someone recently has crept up and I have always thought, "Who is that girl?" She has this energy about her and her style is unique, effortless, eccentric, chic and more! Her name, is, Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor. Daughter of Amanda De Cadenet and John Taylor (Duran Duran) she has been named by many an 'it girl' and has also been signed up by a modelling agency and she is just 17! She is absolutely stunning, I love her hair and I agree with many when they say she looks just like Rachel Bilson! Its fair to say, I have a style crush!

Have a look for yourself...

She is just so cool <3

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo... I welcome ideas please :)

Bea x

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo, New York socialite and star in MTV's the City, is, Amazing! Although, she is portrayed to be very stuck up, I absolutely LOVE her and would jump at the chance to raid her wardrobe!

I've been searching everywhere for some unique rings! I'm desperate for the YSL arty oval ring :( but would love a knuckle ring like the one from Elizabeth & James and anything else that is very quirky and stands out.

Any Ideas?

Bea x

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy :D

I have had such a good day today and also I have soo much I want to blog about, so I'm afraid this post is going to be rather jumbled.

Main part of today, looking at the golden globes; I feel I may be biased with my favourite but it has to be Ashley Olsen!!! That blue is stunning, the dress was a welcome break from the full length strapless numbers (beautiful but perhaps safe?) the detailing is to die for also. The whole look is stunning...

The other VERY shocking news is that Megan Fox has gone all Demi Moore (I would say Britney Spears but there a serious meltdown isn't involved) and has shaved her hair off. She still is Flawless, she really pulls it off. It is apparently for a film role; I'm sure they could have done this digitally, however, according to a friend of mine she has always says she wants to be taken as a serious actress and not a pretty face. I think some serious PR has been involved here though... perfect timing for the Golden Globes!!!

Moving on... Today, I went Shopping! This makes me very happy. I bought a breton stripe tee with embellished padded shoulders from Zara; some black jodphur style leggings from Zara; some red satin pumps from Zara (named my Dorothy Shoes!); some black leggings with leather knee pads from H&M; some lace up black heeled boots from a boutique and some pewter coloured pointed brogues (inspired by Olivia Palermo). There was sooo much more I could have bought but I'm stopping now until the Spring clothes come in :D

Zara have some really lovely things in at the moment; very Chloe Autumn/Winter inspired. The shapes, materials and colours are followed perfectly; draping tops, billowing trousers, shorts, camel coloured shoes and they have a cape just like the one in the advertisement in camel and grey. I love it all!

The also have a top with a similar print to this Alexander McQueen dress...

I am really looking forward to seeing the spring/summer collections for Zara, Topshop and H&M. I'm also loving the Parisienne look everywhere at the moment.

The other highligh of my day was a guy coming up to me in Topshop and telling me he loved my style! I'm so focused and aware of other people's style finding inspiration just about everywhere that I never really think about myself. It was really flattering; I was wearing a pair of denim jeggings, a white vestop, a grey baggy tee with a chest pocket, black patent pumps with gold metal twist on the toe, a Chanel style cropped jacket (grey, black and silver mix tweed with black piping), a pearl necklace with lots of rows of pearls of different sizes, a pandora bracelet and my Michael Kors watch. O! and a black Hermes style bag.

I promise to start putting some outfit posts up soon!

Bea x

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Heel Lust

YAY the snow has finally gone! As pretty as it was at first, I'm glad that I can stop dressing for practicality... enter the return of the heels :)

I visited the Trafford Centre today, briefly, and took a trip into Aldo... I was in heaven (perhaps because I have had a withdrawal from heels)!

I have been looking for a nude pair of heels for sooo long and I love these suede ones they are very flattering on and made my feet and legs look rather long and elegant (always a bonus when your 5ft4) I love the quirky 'lip' at the back.

These grey studded heels come in black also but are almost identical to a pair I saw on Christine Centenera. Yum! Grey is perfect for Spring/Summer also.

Well, I said when I saw Spring/Summer catwalks "I'm not going to say I will never wear Clogs, because I bet when it comes to it I will want a pair" and its fair to say I know myself very well! Because, I have found a pair that a perfect in Aldo (yes, again!)

I think I prefer the wedged heel of the Aldo shoes to the ones of the Chanel... Although I have seen some wooden sandals in Topshop with heels like the Chanel ones that I really liked.

Ahhhh! I wish I had enough money to buy all :(

Which do you prefer? Which are more of an investment??

Bea x

Friday, January 15, 2010

Printed Tee's

I have recently been updating my casual wardrobe as at the end of term I was really struggling for day-time basics; as always I don't know when to stop and just want to keep buying and buying.

Some daytime basic staples are...

A good White T-shirt (i like mine loose and baggy)

Some good fitting Skinny jeans.

A long boyfriend style black cardigan.

With accessories you can transform those simple clothes into a chic daytime outfit. Add heels, a scarf, a handbag, big earrings, lots of bangles, necklaces, mac jacket, blazer etc etc.

On my hunt for my casual wardrobe I have developed a love for Printed Tee's! I have already posted the "who the Fu*k is Chanel?" and "my boyfriend is a Vampire" ones but I may have found the piece de resistance at Urban Outfitters...

I'm desperate for the "Fan Club Anna Wintour" but at £55 is that too much for a t-shirt (and i got 3 white t-shirts for christmas)? No doubt everybody on my course will be wanting one of these!

What do you think?

Bea x

Monday, January 11, 2010

I love the Cinema Italiano

I've been very busy and stressed recently so apologies for the delayed post. I'm back at university now and looking forward to the term ahead!

I went to see Nine last night at the cinema; I loved it. I have always been a fan of musicals in the theatre and in film; I love the dancing (which I miss doing greatly), the music, the costumes and well it just manages to encompass everything I love and tie it up in a sparkly bow! So for me, Nine was amazing and lived up to my expectations; it had just the right about of 'Artyness' about it as well as having all the great classic musical traits. I studied theatre studies at A-Level and whilst watching the film I could just picture it on stage in Broadway!

The film is set in the 60's which is an era I have always loved and taken inspiration from and this film did not let down in costume and make up (done by Peter King who did Lord of the Rings). Kate Hudson looked AMAZING as did Penelope Cruz. There are not many photo's out yet of it but here are a few I found.

This is Kate Hudson during her number and it was sooo good; I cannot wait to buy the soundtrack and bust some serious moves with my hairbrush in my bedroom! Her make up through out the movie was dark smokey eyes and pale nude lips along with the volumous hair: Very Brigitte Bardot! I have seen quite a few sunglasses shaped similarly to these, very cat like; I think Rayban have a pair.

Marion Cotillard is stunning but very simplistic. They must have got their inspiration for her look from Audrey Hepburn! This look is so classic yet she looks beautiful throughout the entire film.

Penolope Cruz plays a mistress and she is amazing and very funny! She had many extravagent outfits; this one reminds me slighly of a less elegant version of Jackie Kennedy/Onasssis. Penelope Cruz has a scene at the beginning and its very raunchy (I think even the women in the cinema developed a crush on her)! She wears some beautiful sexy lengerie as you can see below.

Nicole Kidman looked stunning as always with her gorgeous figure flattered by tight a beautiful tight fitting peal coloured dress. I can't find any pictures that do he justice; but she too had a Brigitte Bardot inspired look and the dress was strapless and fitted to her body like a glove, going in at the waist, the back was lower and below her waist the material had been brought together and then went into a small train.

All in all there was music, dancing, stars, make up, hair, jewellery, clothes, sparkles, spangles, sexy neglige, Italian-ness... You must see it!

p.s. there will be some outfit posts coming up soon; i just have to find my camera!

Bea x

Monday, January 04, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Its late and I ought to go to sleep; I've been doing some online 'window shopping' and finally found the amazing YSL arty oval ring - Love at first sight! Plus I finally found the torteshell vivienne westwood pumps - lush! Although I wonder if they rub your feet? hmmm I'm willing to pay the price for beautiful feet :)

I shall be dreaming of these and Edward Cullen/Jacob Black tonight.

Bon Soir fellow insomniacs;

Bea x

Saturday, January 02, 2010

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Style Crush

It is fair to say I have a new obsession; Christine Centenera I discovered her quite by chance and have been researching her ever since. She literally has my dream life; working for a fashion magazine, living in a hot country and having an amazing wardrobe!

Christine Centenera is Fashion Director for Harper's Bazaar (Austrailia) as well as doing some freelance styling; also doing some dj-ing on the side. She has been popping up on many blogs but there is not a tonne of information about her out there. I had a quick look at some of her work on the Harper's Bazaar website and have to say this girl is fantastic at her job; I love her work aswell as her personal styling. Whilst researching I learnt that she has a love for studs, metal, leather and patent and she has a naturally high instep so she is more comfortable in high high killer heels!

This is a girl to follow... I <3 her style and would adore her job! Here are a few pics to give you a taster of her fabulousness!

Personal favourites are the colourful Josh Goot dress with black jacket / the black sheer shirt and leather skinny trousers / the the outfit with the grey fur stole and skinny jeans / the large black fur coat, black dress and tights... BUT to be honest I love every single outfit (and there are more). She often seems to recycle items, which makes her seem more accesible to the every day girl. At the moment she seems to have a penchant for Power Shoulders and pulls them off perfectly.

Keep an eye out for Christine Centenera; I think she is destined for big things!

Bea x

Friday, January 01, 2010