"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" - Coco Chanel

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Charlotte Olympia

Second post today... I know I'm keen, but its the holiday's and I'm bored!

Charlotte Olympia; I discovered a pair of her shoes in the December (I think) issue of Harper's Bazaar and instantly fell in love with them!

Background to the Designer:
Charlotte Olympia Dellal, graduated from Cordwainers in 2004 branching into becoming a luxury accessories designer. Her collection 'Charlotte Olympia' was launched in 2004. The brands signature is a gold spider web on the sole of the shoe (love it!) and as a brand they focus on classic shapes and "meticulous attention to detail". According to her website she has been inspired be old hollywood glamour (once again love it!) The shoes are hand crafted in Italy and are sold in Dover Street Market, Browns, Jefferey, Harvey Nichols and Net - A - Porter.

Here are a few that are my personal favourites of the website http://www.charlotteolympia.com/

Personally I adore these shoes, What do you think?

Bea x


I bought this gorgeous white with black piping 'chanel' style jacket today from H&M. I do love H&M at the moment i've recently got some really good stuff from there and its really reasonably priced - check it out.

So, my Wishlist, I have a realistic wishlist and a dream wishlist which included the mulberry bayswater, chanel and hermes birkin, Charlotte of Olympia shoes - to be honest it would be endless. My realistic wishlist (well it could go on forever because I always want more) is:

<3 This "Who the fuck is Chanel" Tee - i love it, paired with a chanel handbag - Pure Genius!

<3 This "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" Tee - from Wildfox @ Asos. As a Twiligh fan and a member of Team Edward, this is a MUST!

<3 This faux fur hairband - i love love love fur, so this is perfect for keeping my ears warm.

<3 Some black treggings (preferrably segmented: so one part a slighlty different material or something, like jodpur stylee)

<3 Some v. high black wedged boots or heels

<3 A blackberry; I had the Nokia N97 which was appalling! So have sent it off and am waiting for the money to buy a Blackberry.

<3 Gold matte nailvarnish.

<3 Lots of unique and different jewellery.

<3 Some Charms for my new Pandora bracelet.

<3 Some shiny/wet look leggings.

<3 Nude Heels.

I'm sure there is probably lots more!!!

What is on your wishlist?

Bea x

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I stumbled across Polyvore about a year ago whilst looking for a gold sequin dress... its fantastic! A creative fashionista's dream. Its a go to guide if you are looking for something in particular for example, a skull scarf - type this in and you get pages of images and the links to the website it was found. Perfect for a lunch break instead of trawling through topshop, net a porter, asos this website finds them for you - what more could you want!

As well assisting you with shopping it can give inspiration; users can create 'sets' these can are like mood boards and can be on anything you like ( a personal fave of mine are the olsen sets... hours of inspiration!). Search celebrities, styles, particular items etc. As well as viewing why not feed your inner creativity and have a go yourself... challenge yourself to do a 'celebrity look' on from the high street just like in magazines.

I've had a go already and created to olsen inspired sets... I have to say I'm hooked!!!

Take a look at my sets and my Inspire collection (images I have added made by other users that I fell in love with). http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1145828 <<< my profile link.

Be Creative :)

Bea x

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas time....

Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone got everything they wished for.

Well I was well and truly spoilt! I got a gorgeous pandora bracelet; I cannot wait to start collecting all the links :) The one that I got with it is the celtic plait type style (bit like rope) its lovely! I also got lots and lots of CLOTHES! I got this lovely Wildfox T-shirt think the style is called Black Magic its very basic but will look lovely with a pair of jeans/leggings, blazer and killer heels - Asos have a wide choice of wildfox t-shirts they are lush! well worth the investment - new personal fave with the slogan "my boyfriend is a vampire" (*sigh* Edward Cullen)! I also got some All Saints style lace up boots again perfect to toughen up a look and give an outfit a grungy edge.. think Mary Kate Olsen or Taylor Momsen. I got lots of basic t-shirts in various shapes; i found thats what my wardrobe was lacking some day-to-day staples. A gorgeous shell coloured blazer which according to Jan Vogue 2010 nudes, greys and sorbet shades are very Spring/Summer '10 so that should be an investment piece. Following the nude colour scheme I got a gorgeous ruffles and beaded nude camisole top - just need some nude heels now and I'm sorted!!! As I say I was very spoilt and got lots of other lovely things to add to my ever expanding wardrobe. O! and how can i forget: a year's Vogue subscription... what can I say I'm a very happy girl.

My mantra of the moment is to try and find investment/key pieces that are multi functional; this is hard though as I am such an impulse buyer! I think I need rehab I am an addict! I managed to resist the sales until 3:00pm and popped to the local shopping centre - the sales were rubbish and I kept finding myself drawn to full price items; there is no helping me! Although I do know what I want to buy; I think it helps when you go shopping with a focus. For me, at the moment I am searching for a faux fur head band The Wildfox Vampire T-shirt, a chanel style jacket and some good work clothes as I have interviews for placements (hopefully) coming up!!! I'm sure, however, that I will return to Manchester and spend my entire student loan on gorgeous items that I simply must have but not need - I cannot resist, even after I have been spoilt!!!

It's not that I'm unhappy but its my love for clothes; the way they transform a person. I can truly say that I will be unhappy all day if I am unhappy with my outfit; to some that may seem shallow, but I see your clothing as extension of your personality. For me, fashion is like art, a way of expressing oneself and the problem for me is I am not an impressionist or a pop artist; I love to chop and change my style weekly, daily, hourly!

Happy Holidays fellow addicts :D

Bea x

Thursday, December 24, 2009

And so it begins...

I guess I should have always known I would end up in fashion...
I was introduced to fashion at a young age, every day was 'dress up' for me; I could wear what ever I wanted as long as I wore my "My mummy doesn't dress me" badge! (Converse and a floral bridesmaid dress was a personal favourite judging by photos - not to mention my Grandmother's jewellery and fur stole!). And in play, dressing Barbie was far more important than playing with Barbie, there were hours of preparation; only once she had the right dress and matching accessories and her hair was done would she be allowed to join the game.
So here I am now, in my second year of International Fashion Marketing and loving it! I decided to start this blog to help me progress within the industry ideally in to fashion journalism... this will be in part a virtual scrapbook where I can store everything that inspires me... Enjoy!