"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" - Coco Chanel

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy :D

I have had such a good day today and also I have soo much I want to blog about, so I'm afraid this post is going to be rather jumbled.

Main part of today, looking at the golden globes; I feel I may be biased with my favourite but it has to be Ashley Olsen!!! That blue is stunning, the dress was a welcome break from the full length strapless numbers (beautiful but perhaps safe?) the detailing is to die for also. The whole look is stunning...

The other VERY shocking news is that Megan Fox has gone all Demi Moore (I would say Britney Spears but there a serious meltdown isn't involved) and has shaved her hair off. She still is Flawless, she really pulls it off. It is apparently for a film role; I'm sure they could have done this digitally, however, according to a friend of mine she has always says she wants to be taken as a serious actress and not a pretty face. I think some serious PR has been involved here though... perfect timing for the Golden Globes!!!

Moving on... Today, I went Shopping! This makes me very happy. I bought a breton stripe tee with embellished padded shoulders from Zara; some black jodphur style leggings from Zara; some red satin pumps from Zara (named my Dorothy Shoes!); some black leggings with leather knee pads from H&M; some lace up black heeled boots from a boutique and some pewter coloured pointed brogues (inspired by Olivia Palermo). There was sooo much more I could have bought but I'm stopping now until the Spring clothes come in :D

Zara have some really lovely things in at the moment; very Chloe Autumn/Winter inspired. The shapes, materials and colours are followed perfectly; draping tops, billowing trousers, shorts, camel coloured shoes and they have a cape just like the one in the advertisement in camel and grey. I love it all!

The also have a top with a similar print to this Alexander McQueen dress...

I am really looking forward to seeing the spring/summer collections for Zara, Topshop and H&M. I'm also loving the Parisienne look everywhere at the moment.

The other highligh of my day was a guy coming up to me in Topshop and telling me he loved my style! I'm so focused and aware of other people's style finding inspiration just about everywhere that I never really think about myself. It was really flattering; I was wearing a pair of denim jeggings, a white vestop, a grey baggy tee with a chest pocket, black patent pumps with gold metal twist on the toe, a Chanel style cropped jacket (grey, black and silver mix tweed with black piping), a pearl necklace with lots of rows of pearls of different sizes, a pandora bracelet and my Michael Kors watch. O! and a black Hermes style bag.

I promise to start putting some outfit posts up soon!

Bea x