"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" - Coco Chanel

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas time....

Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone got everything they wished for.

Well I was well and truly spoilt! I got a gorgeous pandora bracelet; I cannot wait to start collecting all the links :) The one that I got with it is the celtic plait type style (bit like rope) its lovely! I also got lots and lots of CLOTHES! I got this lovely Wildfox T-shirt think the style is called Black Magic its very basic but will look lovely with a pair of jeans/leggings, blazer and killer heels - Asos have a wide choice of wildfox t-shirts they are lush! well worth the investment - new personal fave with the slogan "my boyfriend is a vampire" (*sigh* Edward Cullen)! I also got some All Saints style lace up boots again perfect to toughen up a look and give an outfit a grungy edge.. think Mary Kate Olsen or Taylor Momsen. I got lots of basic t-shirts in various shapes; i found thats what my wardrobe was lacking some day-to-day staples. A gorgeous shell coloured blazer which according to Jan Vogue 2010 nudes, greys and sorbet shades are very Spring/Summer '10 so that should be an investment piece. Following the nude colour scheme I got a gorgeous ruffles and beaded nude camisole top - just need some nude heels now and I'm sorted!!! As I say I was very spoilt and got lots of other lovely things to add to my ever expanding wardrobe. O! and how can i forget: a year's Vogue subscription... what can I say I'm a very happy girl.

My mantra of the moment is to try and find investment/key pieces that are multi functional; this is hard though as I am such an impulse buyer! I think I need rehab I am an addict! I managed to resist the sales until 3:00pm and popped to the local shopping centre - the sales were rubbish and I kept finding myself drawn to full price items; there is no helping me! Although I do know what I want to buy; I think it helps when you go shopping with a focus. For me, at the moment I am searching for a faux fur head band The Wildfox Vampire T-shirt, a chanel style jacket and some good work clothes as I have interviews for placements (hopefully) coming up!!! I'm sure, however, that I will return to Manchester and spend my entire student loan on gorgeous items that I simply must have but not need - I cannot resist, even after I have been spoilt!!!

It's not that I'm unhappy but its my love for clothes; the way they transform a person. I can truly say that I will be unhappy all day if I am unhappy with my outfit; to some that may seem shallow, but I see your clothing as extension of your personality. For me, fashion is like art, a way of expressing oneself and the problem for me is I am not an impressionist or a pop artist; I love to chop and change my style weekly, daily, hourly!

Happy Holidays fellow addicts :D

Bea x