"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be different" - Coco Chanel

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I have been soo rubbish at blogging, particularly over these last few important fashion weeks and it being Award season and all!!! My excuse is that blogging has had to take a back seat whilst I deal with a mountain of university work and trying to find a placement and part-time job!

I've been totally and utterly miserable these last few weeks; however, I have decided to cheer up and be motivated and determined (this included being better at blogging). This new positivity may be due to the fact that Gossip Girl is on tonight and I'm excited about seeing Chuck Bass!!!

This post is dedicated to Alice in Wonderland because lets be honest; its everywhere and anywhere at the moment and I'm a little bit in love with it. So here is some of my fave Wonderland inspired things.

Old wristwatch necklaces, bows, lace, blue, white and red, cute ballet pumps.

A collage I made with images from ASOS.com who have lots of Alice In Wonderland themed lovely things!!!

Don't you love th Mack Jacket in the bottom left corner? ... very Burberry S/S 10/11.

Cannot wait to see the film in the cinema!

Are you all Alice inspired?

Bea xxx